Moves in the Field
Pre-Preliminary $45
Preliminary $45
Pre Juvenile $55
Juvenile $55
Intermediate $65
Novice $65
Junior $75
Senior $75
Adult Pre Bronze $45
Adult Bronze $55
Adult Silver $65
Adult Gold $75

​​​​​​Upcoming test Session

USFS Test Sessions held throughout the season

Please join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter for announcements of upcoming test sessions. 

​Our Third Virtual Test Session deadline is coming up on June 30th at 10PM.  Applications will be accepted on Entryeeze starting Monday, June 7th at 8PM (no paper forms will be accepted).

Results will be emailed to candidates and their coaches within 7 days of the submission deadline.

USFS Virtual Test Session Details
Test Submission Deadline Date: Wednesday, June 30th, 2021
Time: 10PM

Tests Offered
Moves in the Field (Gold Panel):   Pre-Preliminary - Senior, Adult Pre-Bronze - Gold
Free Skate (Gold Panel):  Pre-Preliminary - Senior, Adult Pre-Bronze - Gold
Partnered Pattern Dance (PANDEMIC PARTNER ONLY):  Preliminary- Bronze          
Solo Pattern Dance:  Preliminary to Gold
Partnered Free Dance (PANDEMIC PARTNER):  Juvenile - Intermediate

                                                                                 Adult Pre-Pre Bronze - Bronze
Solo Free Dance:  Juvenile - Intermediate, Adult Juvenile - Intermediate

Application Procedure

Application Details

Where to apply: Entryeeze (no paper forms will be accepted)

Please be sure you have discussed testing with your coach prior to applying.  All applications will be accepted first come first serve.  Skaters, please be sure your membership is up-to-date on Entryeeze prior to the application date.  If you are having any trouble with Entryeeze, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can help rectify any issues before the test registration opens. Also, there will be no waitlist offered after the Test Session closes, please be ready to register as soon as the Test Session opens on Sunday. Please direct any questions to 


Testing Fees

Knickerbocker FSC Test Fees

A virtual test is a test that you can take at a time and place of your own choosing.

To take a virtual test you must do the following:

  • Register for a virtual test session being offered by a USFS member club. Knickerbocker FSC will begin running virtual test sessions. Registration for the test will be through Entryeeze and the cost of the virtual test will be the same as the cost of a regular test, but without the ice fee.
  • Arrange for a videographer. The videographer may be any person (parents, friends and/or coaches are acceptable in this role) with any device that can record a minimum of 780p.
  • Arrange for a test proctor. The proctor must be an impartial person of authority but may NOT be a coach/choreographer who has worked with the athlete, training mate or a parent/guardian of the athlete. A rink employee who is normally present at the time you intend to skate your test would be an excellent choice to fill this role.
  • Skate the elements of the test in the presence of the test proctor. The elements of the test must be executed in order and continuously just as you would perform them at a regular test. The videographer will stand where the judges would normally sit and video the ENTIRE TEST IN ONE CONTINUOUS SHOT, keeping the test candidate in frame throughout the entire test.
  • The video of the test along with all paperwork must be submitted to Knickerbocker prior to the submission deadline of the virtual test session.

For a presentation of this, please click:

Free Skate
Pre-Preliminary $35
Preliminary $35
Pre Juvenile $45
Juvenile $45
Intermediate $55
Novice $55
Junior $60
Senior $60
Adult Pre Bronze $35
Adult Bronze $45
Adult Silver $55
Adult Gold $60
Partnered Pattern Dance
Preliminary $40
Pre Bronze $45
Bronze $50
Pre Silver $55
Silver $60
Pre Gold $65
Gold $70

In response to the current pandemic,

USFSA has created rules for clubs to

offer Virtual Testing. ​

Ice fee per skater $35 ($0 for Virtual Test)
Non-member fee per test $25 ($15 for Virtual Test)

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