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SSNY Showcase Competition

Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers

February, 2015

The Journey to Nationals

New York Ice-Scrapers

June 25, 2014


Theatre on Ice | New york Ice SCrapers

Theatre on Ice is a group event in which a team of skaters perform a choreographed number depicting a certain theme or story. Knickerbocker FSC's Theatre on Ice teams offers skaters an opportunity to train as part of a team, compete locally, regionally, and nationally, make new friends, and showcase their skating skills.

World Ice Arena is excited to announce that we now offer a full line of Theatre on Ice teams, which will challenge skaters at any and all levels in their skating development. We look forward to watching our skaters move up through the teams as they continue to develop and grow!  For more information contact lkrein@worldice.com.  Check us out on facebook, here!

Coaching Team

Novice National Team - Sergei and Laurie Sakhnovskiy

Preliminary National Team - Laura Duell and Tara Stamm
Basic Skills Team - Margaret Badore and Freddie Moore

Adult Team - Sergei Sakhnovskiy and Ziad Khedr

Synchronized Specialist - Sally Watkins