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Azhar, Kitty




Boyden, Rebecca




Cheng, Chia-hui



Chia-hui has been coaching for over 10 years, She is a member of USFS, ISI, and PSA. She has been dancing and skating since she was 5. She graduated with a BA in Contemporary Dance with an emphasis in Choreography from California State University - Los Angeles. Her on-stage works with her company (Arsenal Movement dance project) have been commissioned in the Netherlands, Japan, Los Angeles, and New York. Her specialties include ballet and contemporary dance movement on and off the ice, choreography, music interpretation, flexibility, body awareness and alignment. She is interested in building individuals with a solid foundation in skating skills, advancing into an all around balanced skater.


Dinwiddie, Jordan




James, Theron




Limer, Chiquita



Coach Chiquita is a professional figure skating choreographer with more than 15 years of experience in skating and dance. She holds an MFA (choreography) degree and is also an O1b (Extraordinary Visa) holder. At the age of seven Chiquita started skating in Jakarta, Indonesia; choreographed a skating piece at the age of twelve and created a huge ice show called ‘Little Mermaid On Ice’ at the age of fourteen. In 2003, Chiquita received a world record from MURI by creating "INDONESIA-KU": the first figure skating, traditional dance, music, and theatre performance on ice.  ‘Arthleticism’ is a term she coined specifically in figure skating, which she wrote in her thesis. Her belief of figure skating as being both an art and a sport, has inspired a movement practice called Limer Isolation Technique (LIT). She is the artistic director of American Ice Theatre New York City and the vice president of business operation at American Ice Theatre global.


Currently AIT New York City is offering weekly classes for skaters. Check them out at @americanicetheatre or @chiquitalimer
Also join FB Group American Ice Theatre NYC for more info.

Chiquita Limer
American Ice Theatre | Vice President
American Ice Theatre - New York City | Artistic Director,
Choreographer, Dreamcreation On Ice
(585) 747 8473

Liotti, Carole




Serebrenik, Dmitriy



Coach Dmitriy has over 18 years of coaching experience. Coaching highlights include 2018, 2019 Ice Dance Sectional and National Coach. He has also worked with U.S. National freestyle competitors at the Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior levels. Coached skaters to compete and qualify in the Solo-Dance National Finals medalists from 2013-Present.   Dmitriy is a 6 time former U.S. National competitor and is a US Figure Skating Triple Gold Medalist in Senior Moves in the Field, Gold Dances and Senior Free Dance.

Coacg dimitry.jpg

Dmitriy Serebrenik



Watking, Sally



Coach Sally specializes in coaching competitive freestyle skaters. She creates an environment for her skaters to find their own self-motivation and discipline to be their best in the sport, while exploring the freedom and grace of figure skating.  Sally is a US Figure Skating Triple Gold Medalist and holds an Intercollegiate National Senior Championship Title.  While Sally enjoys coaching, she also performs professionally and enjoys other artistic ventures.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics and Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Miami University, and Masters in Environmental Engineering from NYU. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she currently lives in New York City.


Sally Jeanne Watkins
Owner, Coach Sally Jeanne Watkins, LLC | 206-276-7665
@coachsallynyc | Youtube

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